Sports Crazy

When you spot colourful groups of people with team names like Los Mayonez, the Beach Chair, the Horses, Rockin' Hood, El Pantera and the Fat Ones in town, it can only mean one thing: it's time for the yearly Salo Volley Tournament.

Salo is a city of sports. Whether you are interested in golfing or horse-back riding or if your mind is set on ice-hockey or bowling, you can find the facilities for them just a few minutes from the city centre. Salo is particularly well-known for its volley ball. The Salo team for women won the Finnish National Volley Ball League this year, as it did the two previous years, too. The women's team also holds an impressive record of 79 consecutive wins in the past three years. The men's team has lost the touch in the last years but it has also fought successfully for the glory in the volley ball arenas in the past.

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Plenty to Choose From

July 2011

Museum exhibits, arranged bus trips to the different corners of the vast town (vast meaning in this case area-wise), Zumba lessons, sports camps, theatre performances under the open sky, music festivals for children, moon light swimming, ball room dancing in the wide open – this is only a light scratch from the huge amount of activities that various Salo organizations arrange during the quick summer sea.

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